Making Moments Matter

FB IMG 1471439546261                                                                                                                                                                                                              Laura and her family were asked how having Laura at Innisfree helped them.  Her husband, Scott, stated that it was a relief for him as he couldn’t care for her anymore. She had difficulty walking  and it took a great deal of energy for her to even go to the bathroom.  Scott’s son, Ryan, was also assisting Laura with her care so once she came to hospice  he had more time to spend with his mom just being her son.

Scott felt that the hospice was more like home than it would have been if she were in hospital. Laura was even able to go to her son’s graduation and the hospice staff planned a graduation party for him. He said it was “nice” at Innisfree and that the staff took good care of residents and their family. He was impressed that they were even able to have a shower in the morning when staying overnight with Laura. He stated, “We were treated like family. They were not only concerned with Laura but with the whole family.  The volunteers were also very nice”.

Laura stated that she was so happy to be at Innisfree and that she received the best care there. Her son, Ryan, stated that it was easy to have his mom at Innisfree and he did not worry about her like he did when she was at home. He felt that the staff took good care of his mom.

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