Making Moments Matter

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My mom, Dawn Roussel, passed away at Lisaard House last month. I saw that you are adding a new "making moments matter" section to your site and wanted to contribute:

My mom was fortunate enough to spend the last 10 days of her life at Lisaard House this summer after a long battle with cancer. It is hard to put into words what a relief it was to be at Lisaard House, where the pressure was finally off of me and my family to care for my mom and advocate for her needs.


The kind and competent nurses, volunteers and PSWs made sure that my mum was happy and comfortable so that we could focus on spending quality time with her. I always felt comfortable when I couldn't be by her side because I knew she was in great hands. The staff not only care for the patients, but for their families as well. There was never a time that a volunteer came into my mom's room and didn't ask me if they could bring me a snack or cup of tea after checking in with my mum. When we started to sleep at the hospice, they made sure we had everything we needed. They took the time to get to know my mom and would ask her questions about her career and her favourite tennis players. When my mom passed away, they cried with us and comforted us.

My favourite memory from Lisaard House was when we first arrived and the kitchen smelled like cookies (as it often does). My mom, who had limited ability to communicate and was on a primarily liquid diet at the hospital, asked me for a cookie. The staff assessed her right away to make sure she could chew and swallow, and then brought her a selection of cookies. I'll never forget the way her face lit up!