Making Moments Matter

Our wonderful staff are always finding ways to enhance our residents and families during their stay. They don’t just look at the resident they look at the entire family.

Jackie a PSW, in conversation with a young resident, shared with her he did not have the strength or energy to create a journal for each of his daughters to have after he passed away.

Jackie, was able to relate to his story as she too had lost her father as a young girl.

Jackie went home and searched the internet to find plaster kits to create hand moulds. This had been done a few years ago at Lisaard House.

The kits arrived 24 hours before his passing. There was no time to waste!!! During the hours that Jackie sat with this young father making his legacy it was silent as he reflected on the love of his two daughters.

Jackie made a commitment to this dad that she would be sure to give these gifts to his children. About 1 week later the girls came to meet with Jackie so that she could present their father’s final gift to them.

This is what making moments matter is all about!